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Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in Almost Daily Diversions | 1 comment


I recently went to one of my favorite stores and saw this colorful display and started drooling.  I love flowers and all manner of green, growing things.  I’m not a huge fan of eating vegetables, but I do love seeing them pop out of the ground.  I’ve been on a short vacation with my family and my brain is now muddled.  I was looking through all my photos when I came across this one.  I couldn’t decide on a CotW, so I’ve declared it a free for all!  Look at all the options to choose from here!  Pick something and celebrate a color today and a different one tomorrow and the next day.

If you find you have a colorful photo that you’d like to share with other Zazlandic friends, please feel free to post it on our facebook page.  We’d love to see things through your eyes.

And if you’re on Pinterest, come visit our page there.  We’re collecting colorful stuff and could use some help.  If you have something that would fit on one of our boards, let us know.

One Comment

  1. I LOVE looking at seeds… I end up always buying some. Now, to get the in the ground and growing!

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