December Daily

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I should’ve posted this a few days ago, but alas, I was away and didn’t realize I wouldn’t be home until December 1st. Silly me. Anyway, I’m going to be attempting to take a photo every day and post it on our Facebook page. I find December a little stressful for lots of reasons. I’m hoping this will take the edge off a bit. I hope you’ll join me, even if it’s just now and then. I’m not exactly a stickler about these things. Take a photo when you can. Throw the hashtag¬†#ZazlandiaDaily¬†on it. I’m okay with you posting things late, but I’d rather you didn’t post them early (don’t do December 20th on the 1st). With your permission, I may share a few of your photos. Also, if you even do just one during the month, I’ll put your name in a drawing for a lovely prize (to be named later). You can post on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or wherever. As long as I know where it is, I’ll throw your name in my lime colored hat. Have some fun with me!

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