Quick Tour

Since Zazlandia is new, this will truly be a quick tour.  As time goes on, I’m hoping it might take a bit longer. We’ll just keep adding stuff here, so if you get lost, you know where to go.

Right now, Zazlandia is pretty much a blog.  Eventually, it will be more.  Until that happens, the primary focus will be in the Almost Daily Diversions section of the site.  Several times a week, different things will be posted to attempt to get you thinking, spark your imagination or maybe just make you smile.

The Color of the Week is a way to open your eyes to the world of colors that surround you.  It’s also a way to win fun prizes, but you’ll have to wait to hear about that later.

The Quote of the Week will hopefully get you thinking about something.  Sometimes funny, sometimes deep, but always  worthy of discussion.

Celebrating Creativity is our way of highlighting something we find beautiful or creative.  It could be a song, a piece of artwork, a photograph, or many other things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Small Joys are little things that make us happy.

This ends your quick tour.  Thanks for visiting Zazlandia!  Come take another tour soon so you don’t miss anything exciting!